Elev8 lower cable channel for back-to-back desks

Elev8 lower cable channel for back-to-back desks

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Elev8 sit stand desking allows the individual user to electronically adjust the desk height from a sitting to a standing position with the touch of a button. Having the option to stand, as well as sit during the work day has been proven not only to benefit the health of the user, but also of the business, helping to promote creativity, team interaction, collaboration, and the willingness to share ideas.

  • Shared cable tray with cover which sits central to two back-to-back Elev8 desks
  • Cables can run between the tray for effective cable management and preventing cluttered wires
  • Available in black, silver and white to match frame colours
  • 854mm wide for use with Elev8 Touch and Elev8 Mono 1200mm back to back desks
  • 5 year warranty

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